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KN95 5-Layer Protective Face Mask (Non-medical)

  • CONVENIENT RETAIL PACKAGING: 5 Masks are packaged in one zip locked bag for easy shelf display or personal/groomer access.
  • Disclaimer - This protective face masks IS included on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) List. The FDA sampled and CDC tested a limited number of face shields from this manufacturer and found that the filtration efficiency was above 95%.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our protective masks are made of high quality material offering you an efficient protection system. Our 5ply coverings provide you with the reliable support you deserve.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Our face masks are breathable and comfortable, with elastic ear loops for easy hanging. The adjustable nose wire offers a custom fit for your face, ensuring the shield will not slip off while wearing it.
  • ON THE GO: A lightweight and foldable design makes these face covers easy to fold into your pocket and reduce storage. 
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Shernbao PNG-008 New Pet Grooming Nail Grinder

  • 【SAFE AND EFFICIENT HIGH-SPEED NAIL GRINDER】The product was upgraded in 2020 with the newly developed high-speed motor and advanced diamond grinding wheel which is the first choice for professional groomers and home users to provide you the safest, fast and comfortable usage experience.
  • 【2 ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS AND 3 GRINDING PORTS】The dog nail grinder designed with high&low speeds and 3 grinding ports, suitable for all pet breeds.
  • 【COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE】The product made by TRP environmentally friendly rubber, with the ergonomic handle for easier operating and the small size makes it easier to carry and place.
  • 【QUIET AND DURABLE】The brand new motor and exquisite design bring a quieter and more comfortable usage experience. The noise levels below 46dB can ease pets and keep them calm which can help to grind pet’s nail easier.
  • 【FAST CHARGING AND LCD DISPLAY】Incredible fast charging technology, large-capacity battery and LCD operating status displays. The fully charged time is 1.5 hours and the using time is 4-5 hours at a time. It’s also can be used while charging.
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PNG-008W Dog Pet Grooming Nail Grinder Stone – Japanese Style

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Professional Dog Pet Grooming Combs

These combs features an innovative titanium coating, which helps reduce static, improves durability and helps glide through the coat.
  • 1.26" teeth length
  • Large Butter Combs are 9.7in long, 70/30 coarse/fine spacing
  • Medium Butter Combs are 7.4in long, 70/30 coarse/fine spacing
  • Tail Combs are 7.3in long
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Pet Styptic Powder SP-001 Dog Pet Grooming Accessories

SP-001 Styptic Powder: Quickly to stop bleeding, pain and efficient sterilization; 24pcs for 1 box, 5 Boxes for one Carton; The original styptic powder which stops; minor bleeding for cut nails and other minor wounds.
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Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Tool Caddy

Make your table a more efficient and organized area with this Table Organizer! Featuring a compartment to store clippers, tools and seven spaces to securely store scissors to stop them getting knocked off the tables as well as two larger holes for brushes. Made from strong, durable plastic which will hold it's looks for years, whilst being easy to clean and maintain. An essential piece for every groomer to keep your tools close at hand!
  • Store & transport equipment
  • Fits grooming arms and frames up to 1 inch thick
  • Strong, durable plastic
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Dog Pet Grooming Accessories Latex Bands LB-01

LB-01 Latex Bands: 60kg/box; Mixed Color; About 500pcs/box; Shernbao brand
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Dog Pet Grooming Tool Case TK-605 Nylon

Pet Tool Case TK-605 Nylon
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Dog Pet Grooming Stool GC-002SW Bronco Anatomic Stool

GC-002SW Bronco Anatomic Stool: Shernbao Brand; Ergonomic saddle chair; Bronco Anatomic Stool (With High Quality Wheels); Black or Red color to choose.
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Pet Dog Grooming Steel Loop SR-02

SR-02 Pet Steel Ropes: Bears more than 250lbs; Diameter of the Rope: 5.0mm Length(in): 35" ; Shernbao brand; provides incredible control for pets; High quality steel cable inside.
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Pet Dog Grooming steel Loop SR-03

SR-03 Pet steel Ropes: Bears more than 250lbs; Diameter of the Rope: 3.0mm; Length(in): 18.5"/21" ; High quality steel cable inside;
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Pet Dog Grooming Steel Loop SR-04

SR-04 Pet Steel Ropes: Shernbao brand; Bears more than 250lbs; High quality steel cable inside; Diameter of the Rope: 3.0mm Length(in): 22"/26"
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Pet Dog Grooming Steel Loop SR-05

SR-05 Pet Steel Ropes: Diameter of the Rope: 3.0mm; Length(in): 22.5"; Bears more than 250lbs; Diameter of the Rope: 3.0mm; Length(in): 22.5" ;
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Dog Pet Grooming Steel Loop SR-06

SR-06 Pet Steel Ropes: Diameter of the Rope: 5.0mm; Length(in): 23.5" ; High quality steel cable inside; Bears more than 250lbs; Shernbao brand.
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Dog Pet Grooming Steel Loop SR-07

SR-07 Pet Steel Ropes: Bears more than 250lbs; High quality steel cable inside; Length(in): 30.7"; Shernbao brand. Diameter of the Rope: 5.0mm;
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Dog Pet Grooming Tool Case SB-101 leather

SB-101 leather Tool Case
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Pet Grooming Tool Case SB-102 Artificial leather

SB-102 Artificial leather Tool Case
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Pet Dog Grooming Tool Case SB-103 Artificial leather

SB-103 Artificial leather Tool Case
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Dog Pet Grooming Tool Case SB-104 Artificial leather

SB-104 Artificial leather Tool Case
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Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Cute Candy Clipper


***DEAL***Get a Free PGC-535 Thinner Blade with purchase of this clipper

The Candy Clippers from Shernbao are perfect for students, pet owners, breeders or as a back up in a salon. These clippers feature low noise and low vibration, perfect for more nervous pets. Features a lithium-ion battery with over three hours run time and recharges from empty in three hours. The materials in these motors mean they will last longer than other semi-professional clippers on the market - do not confuse these with cheaper imitations! The 1mm titanium alloy blade with ceramic cutter will run cooler and longer. Comes with three attachments combs in sizes 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" approx. 3 attachment combs and standard 1mm blade included (Thin blade sold separately)
  • Cord/Cordless
  • With standard blade 1.0 mm
  • Optional Ultra-thin blade 0.25 mm
  • Available in 3 colors: pink, royal blue and sky blue
  • Titanium alloy coated comb blade plus ceramic shear blade, deliver super hardness, and sharpness.
  • Special"R"design ensures a smooth, quick and safe haircut.
  • Extended motor life made of premium materials that last longer than traditional motors.
  • Special Stainless-steel design positioning comb trims more smoothly.
  • High performance Li-ion battery, delivers a 3 hour run with a 3 hour charge.
  • low noise and low vibration.
  • Cute color for options: Sky blue/Pink/Royal blue show as above pic.
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Shernbao Smart Dog Pet Grooming Mini Trimmer


Smart Mini Trimmer PGT-410

  • Ultra-Light Trimmer in 98 g (3.45 oz)
  • This trimmer only for trimming the small part of the pet’s body, such as sole,
  • underside, anus, face, neck, pads, root of tail and so on.
  • Ideal for small jobs or where it is hard to reach with a larger clipper such as the face, pads, tail etc
  • LED intelligent status displays time and charging progress.
  • Low noise as low as 42 db minimize stress to pets
  • Extended life motor
    • The commutator made of gold-palladium, last longer than traditional motors.
    • The motor is made of long-lasting gold-palladium giving it longer usage life
  • High performance Li-ion battery with a 1.5 running time and 1.5 charge time.
  • Safety stainless steel blade
    • Super hardness, sharpness, wear ability and durability.
  • Ultra-thin blade
    • The blade size is 0.25 mm which is the best choice for a clinic to prepare a surgery.
    • With a blade size of 0.25 mm, it is the ideal choice for surgery preparation.
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Shernbao 8-Piece Stainless Steel Animal Clipper Comb Set ACK-001

  • The attachment combs fit all type A5 detachable blades (sizes 10, 15, and 30)
  • It's compatible with most Oster ,Wahl and Andis detachable-style A5 clippers
  • It's compatible with Shernbao CAC-868 Clippers
  • Size:Red(1/8"), Dark Purple(1/4"), Dark Blue(3/8"), Peach(1/2"),Yellow( 5/8"), Light Purple(3/4"), Light Blue(1"),Green(7/8")
  • 8 color code for easy identification, effortlessly glide through small, medium, and large-sized dogs and cat coats
  • A comb set storage box is included
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Shernbao TSB-101/TSB-102 Dog Pet Grooming Brushes

Top quality slicker brush for medium to large breeds. Stainless steel pins on a wooden handle, which is ergonomically designed. The soft pad causes less damage to the skin and helps to preserve coat. TSB-101 pad size 6.3”x4.7”; TSB-102 pad size 5.9”x3.5”
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DT-65 Premium Dog Grooming Absorption Towel

  • Premium absorption towels that help dry dogs fast
  • Dimensions: 26"x18"
  • Grey color available
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FT-8102 Table Clamp for Grooming Arm

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