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Shernbao Air Lifting Rectangle Dog Pet Grooming Table

A great little table for start-up groomers or as an extra station in a busy salon. This 'air lift' table uses an air pump to raise and lower, instead of the traditional heavy hydraulic pumps. No matter your height or the breed you are grooming, you will find this table very comfortable to work at. Lowers to 72cm and raises to 110cm. Powder-coated iron frame, which will retain it's good looks for years! The non-slip table top measures 60cmx 45xm and comes in different colors. Max weight supported 50kg, making this suitable for small-medium breeds, cats and other small pets only.
  •  Smart frame design with powder coated iron makes it scratch-resistant, stable and rust-proof.
  • You would be able to find a comfortable height no matter how tall you or your dogs are.
  •  Equipped with a set of aluminum clamp and stainless steel multi-functional grooming arm.
  •  Pink, blue, black table tops are available.
  •  Maximum loading capacity: 50kg.
  •  Best for pet salons and pet grooming schools.
  •    pink  and Black /  Height  28"-43"/Wide 17.7"x Long 23.5"
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Shernbao Rectangle Air Lifting Dog Pet Grooming Table With Frame

FT-819 Air-lifting Square Grooming Table An excellent table for start-up groomers or as an extra table in a busy salon, these 'air lift' tables use a special 'air' pump, not the traditional heavy hydraulic pumps to raise and lower. The table top measures 80cm x 53cm, making it suitable for small and medium sized breeds only. Raises from 72cm - 110cm. The grooming arm is integrated into the table for added stability. Features three adjustable hooks for handy access to tools. The non-slip table top can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Air-lifting grooming table with "one-button start".• Height can be freely adjusted with foot pedal.
  • 17.7" wide 23.5" long 28"-43" high.
  • Supports 100lbs.
  • Removable top and powder coated steel base.
  •  Newly redesigned and improved grooming arm holder is fully integrated into the table frame and is reinforced with solid steel.
  •  Internal steel threads ensure a secure fit.
  •  3 adjustable hooks to hold your clippers and more.
  •  Suitable for small and medium size dogs.
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