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Shernbao PWD-919 New Anionic Wall-Hanging Dog Pet Grooming Dryer with SmartCare Feature/ Fluff Dog Dryer

  • Part of our styling line of dryers 
  • Features seamless automatic alternating heat and cool air prevents overheating  
  • Versatile hands-free fluff drying. 
  • Powerful, quiet, and more efficient. 
  • Anion technology to reduces static 
  • Aluminum alloy shell, elegant, strong and durable. 
  • The brushless DC motor and turbofan is made in Japan. 
  • It requires less maintenance and has a long lifetime. 
  • Variable wind speed and temperature controls. 
  • Easy to use specially designed encoder switch for wind speed and temperature adjustment. 
  • Electronic switch without friction between components. 
  • Mica long-life heating element with thermal overload cutout. 
  • Hand adjustable swivel nozzle turns 360° 
  • Japanese made heavy duty 1/4 HP motor and turbofan, precision, strong and durable. 
  • Advanced technology reduces the noise level to as low as 58 dB. 
  • Accurate LED displays wind speed temperature. 
  • Advanced tourmaline brushes generate anions, up to 6million / cm3. 
  • Negative ions aid in containing internal cuticle moisture, help tame unruly hair, and straighten curly coats. 
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PSD-920 Anionic Pet Grooming Finishing Dryer and Stand

  • Feature: negative ions straighten curls with added shine
  • Motor: single 1800-watt brushless motor
  • Airflow: 260 cfm turbofan
  • Speed: variable up to 64,500 fpm with dial
  • Noise: up to 62 decibels
  • Heat: adjustable from room temperature to 140°F
  • Stand: locking wheels and quad-directional positioning
  • Height: adjustable from 42 to 60 inches
  • Material: heavy-duty plastic

Tail-wagging extras: one air filter and FREE shipping on most orders

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Shernbao PWD-921 Anionic Wall-Mount Fluff Dog Pet Grooming Dryer

  • The negative ions leave the coat soft and silky 
  • 1800w of power 
  • Very flexible and convenient, easy to install
  • Accurate positioning, and space-saving
  • The durable hanging arm could be lifted and lowered 100,000 times.
  • Frees your hands to work with the pet without cords getting in the way 
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