Dog Grooming Dryers

No matter how hard you try, there is just no escape from your pet getting dirty. Most pets love the outdoors. Dirt and gunk share a similar relationship with our beloved pets. Even pets who spend most of their time indoors eventually require a bath.

The success of bathing a pet, apart from the bathe itself, abundantly relies on drying. While towels and blow dryers are commonly used by many pet parents, for best results, you need dog grooming dryers. At Shernbao, we offer a wide range of pet dryers to help you get professional grooming results.

Why Pet Dryers?

The traditional ways of drying a pet after washing them are not very convenient or effective. For instance, drying with towels is not only exhausting but leaves your home or grooming facility with that trademark “wet dog” odor. And while blow dryers are very useful on human hair, they can be too hot, noisy, and risky for pets.

No matter if you’re a pet parent bathing your pet companion at home or a professional dog groomer, it is only with a quality pet dryer that you can get the safest, most effective, and convenient drying results.

Our pet dryers come with innovative features, such as variable speed for easy airflow adjustment as per coat type and temperament of your pet, heavy-duty shell for enhanced shelf-life, and more for professional results that’d be loved and appreciated by you and your pet.

Why Shernbao for Pet Dryers?

Innovation plays a vital role in our product designing process. We focus on the problems and shortcomings of other drying methods to ensure that our pet dryers effectively eliminate or at least reduce them in the most hassle-free manner.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of pet dryers to ensure that needs of all of our customers and their pets are taken care of. It is by combining innovation, quality, and affordability that Shernbao has become one of the top manufacturers of pet grooming supplies in the USA.

We have an extensive delivery network to make sure that our customers are able to get quality pet grooming products delivered to their doorstep in the most convenient and time-efficient manner.

Pet Dryer Accessories from Shernbao

We also offer a host of accessories that can be individually purchased for our pet dryers.
From Filters, Replacement Hose, Wall Mount, Dryer Stand, to Dryer Motor, rest assured that you can easily find replacements and accessories to keep your Shernbao Pet Dryer in pristine condition for years to come.

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Shernbao Cyclone Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

An excellent force dryer as a back up in a busy salon, beginner groomers or pet owners. This small, single motor Force Dryer has variable speed, allowing you to groom a variety of different breeds. You will be amazed by the power from this force dryer, measuring 80 metres per second on top speed! Also features a heating element, to aid in volume and fluff drying. The easy clean filter is simple to remove, making daily maintenance fuss-free. Comes complete with flexible hose and different nozzles to suit different breeds. The hose is simple to remove with a 'one click' system - no awkward clips or screws. Available in two colors.
  • Single Motor with variable speeds Heating element to help volumise and fluff.
  • Easy clean filter.
  • Flexible hose with different nozzles 'One click system' removable hose.
  • Available in two colors - Pink and Blue.
  • Perfect for small dogs under 25 lb.
  • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle.
  • Free Shipping(2-4 business days)
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