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Pet Drying Cabinet Series TD-907

Pet Drying Cabinet Series TD-807 They have a small footprint and is suitable for shops that mainly serve small and medium-size pets, especially for cats.

Anionic Wall-hanging Dryer PWD-919 with NEW features

  • Part of our styling line of dryers 
  • Features seamless automatic alternating heat and cool air prevents overheating  
  • Versatile hands-free fluff drying. 
  • Powerful, quiet, and more efficient. 
  • Anion technology to reduces static 
  • Aluminum alloy shell, elegant, strong and durable. 
  • The brushless DC motor and turbofan is made in Japan. 
  • It requires less maintenance and has a long lifetime. 
  • Variable wind speed and temperature controls. 
  • Easy to use specially designed encoder switch for wind speed and temperature adjustment. 
  • Electronic switch without friction between components. 
  • Mica long-life heating element with thermal overload cutout. 
  • Hand adjustable swivel nozzle turns 360° 
  • Japanese made heavy duty 1/4 HP motor and turbofan, precision, strong and durable. 
  • Advanced technology reduces the noise level to as low as 58 dB. 
  • Accurate LED displays wind speed temperature. 
  • Advanced tourmaline brushes generate anions, up to 6million / cm3. 
  • Negative ions aid in containing internal cuticle moisture, help tame unruly hair, and straighten curly coats. 

PSD-918 Anionic Standing Dryer

Anionic Stand Dryer with new features

PWD-921 Anionic Wall-Mount Dryer

  • The negative ions leave the coat soft and silky 
  • 1800w of power 
  • Very flexible and convenient, easy to install
  • Accurate positioning, and space-saving
  • The durable hanging arm could be lifted and lowered 100,000 times.
  • Frees your hands to work with the pet without cords getting in the way 

PSD-920 Anionic Standing Dryer

  • The negative ions leave the coat soft and silky 
  • 1800w of power 
  • Very flexible and convenient, easy to install. 
  • Accurate positioning, and space-saving. 
  • Durable armature and high-quality wheels 
  • Free your hands to work with the pet without cords getting in the way 
  • Adjustable height with durable and flexible movements. 
  • The horizontal direction can be rotated within 360°. 

DHD-2400F/3000F Typhoon Dual Motor Dryer

  • Unbeatable powerful air volume and blow force, while being amazingly quiet. 
  • Perfect industrial design, with elegant workmanship 
  • Original plastic color or elegant polished surface in luxury stoving varnish can be chosen. 
  • DHD-3000F is equipped with an additional heating unit, dries faster than DHD-2400F, and saves more time. 
  • An average of over 600 hours of use standard 3 nozzle attachments and “1 click” turn to attach hoses. 
  • It is ideal for all seasons, especially colder climates. 

DHD-2400T Hurricane Dual Motor Pet Dryer

  • Unparalleled air volume and surprising wind speed (95 m/s),  
  • The tandem motors deliver a blowing force reaching 1060g. 
  • Encased in a sleek elegant polished surface and luxury stoving varnish. 
  • It is one of the most preferred choices for professional pet salons, pet hospitals, breeders, and academic institutions. 
  • An average of over 5000 hours of use 

SHD-2200P Tsunami Single Motor Pet Dryer

  • Based on the former “Monster” model, the single motor is this dryer outperforms most dual motor dryers. The motor is a 2200 watt delivering high-velocity output. Its wind velocity and blow force have to be experienced to be believed. 
  • The improved inner structure and airflow mode allows for a super blast and a large airflow volume. 
  • Designed with safety and durability in mind.  
  • Redesigned external appearance, with an elegant polished surface  
  • Designed with the groomer and breeder, in mind. 
  • Great for the professional that loves to show and compete 
  • SHD-2800P is equipped with an additional heating unit, cutting the drying time and much faster than the SHD-2200P. 
  • It is ideal for all seasons, especially colder climates. 

SHD-2600P Super Cyclone Single Motor Dryer

  • This is the most aptly named dryer in the pet world: SUPER CYCLONE! 
  • Super powerful, 30% more percussion force and wind speed than SHD-1800 
  • It outperforms most single motor dryers in the market. 
  • Good choice for the family user, drying large or long-haired dogs, as well as grooming shops or other business use. 
  • Hose:50mm and O ring 

SHD-1800 Cyclone Single Motor Pet Dryer

  • Portable, compact, and easy to transport and store. Equipped with an additional heating unit, Scirocco Dryer are a versatile combination blaster and dryer.  
  • Also, more suitable in winter for cold regions. 
  • Portable, compact, versatile with cool and warm air. It is ideal for all seasons, especially colder climates. 
  • New and improved "Cyclone" features a more robust motor, noise reduction, well-distributed wind speed, better performance, and longer service life, easily adjust speed & blowing rate with a flip of a switch or a turn of a knob.
  • Good choice for the family user, drying cats, sensitive dogs, small to medium dogs. 

FDS-01 Stand and Hard Pipe Combi Set

  • Once a dryer is mounted on the FDS-01, it will not only be used as a blaster, it will become a versatile combination blaster and dryer, delivering up to 1200-1800 watts of airflow and 600-800 watts of heat output.  
  • The Combi Dryer features variable speed and heat controls settings, offering a controllable output with both blasting and drying, to penetrate even the thickest of coats. 
  • Features a stable, adjustable height stand with easy installation.
  • Free your hands, improve efficiency on grooming, and modeling.
  • Easy and fast click-on connection to swap out hoses or nozzles.
  • Height adjustable and neck vertical rotatable in full circle with 360 degrees, turnable nozzle for accurate positioning.
  • Long-lasting braking casters that cut pet hair, to prevent winding around the hub of the wheels. 

Dryer Filter Cover

This filter cover works with all Shernbao dryers. Note: Shernbao Typhoon DHD-2400F dual motor dryer comes with two filter covers.

Dryer Hose Adapter

This dryer adapter is to connect between the flexible hose and Shernbao force dryer - 2200P (Tsunami), 2400T (Hurricane), 2400F (Typhoon), and 2600P (Super Cyclone).

Pet Dryer Nozzles

  • Replacement nozzles for all Shernbao force dryers
  • Compatible with SHD-1800, SHD-2200P, SHD-2600P, DHD-2400T, and DHD-2400F

Dryer Filter Set

This filter set includes two dyer filters. Shernbao Typhoon DHD-2400F requires two sets of filter.

Hand Dryer 3000A

  • Newly developed Johnson AC Motor packs 1800/2000w of drying power
  • Delivering over 1400 hours of ultra-long lifespan.
  • Provide a large wind speed and ranked as one of the best in this class.
  • Its extremely quiet motor will make any pet or groomer be comfortable and less stressed. 
  • 2 stage heating setting and 2 stage speed control.
  • 1800/2000 Watts of drying power ensures a quicker drying time.
  • Specific feature thermal overload protection to safeguard the motor from extreme temperatures.