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CoolEdge Blade Series for Shernbao CoolEdge Smart Dog Pet Grooming Clippers

  • Made of Japanese high-carbon steel mixing trace amounts of Chrome-Vanadium (Crm65) and over 60HRc, super hard and sharp
  • Wearability and durability
  • Finish in Taiwan
  • Only fit Shernbao CAC-868 detachable blade clippers
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Dog Pet Grooming Clipper Blades For PGC-660

  • Titanium coating on ceramic shear blade and high carbon steel fixed blade
  • Stays sharp and long lasting
  • 2~3 times longer lifespan than steel blades
  • PGC-660 Standard Blade has adjustable cutting length of 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm(#10), 1.9mm(#9)
  • PGC-660 Thin Blade has adjustable cutting length of 0.25mm (#40), 0.5mm (#30), 0.8mm, 1.0mm
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PGC-560 LightEdge Mono-Speed Smart Digital Dog Grooming Clippers

  • Speed: constant speed (5000 RPM)
  • Compatibility: LightEdge detachable blades
  • Battery: high-performance lithium-ion battery (1300 mAh)
  • Run time: 3 hours on a single charge
  • Includes: cleaning brush, standard adjustable ceramic blade (1mm to 1.9mm), and two double-sided chrome attachment combs (3mm to 12 mm)

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PGC-535 Cute Candy Dog Pet Grooming Clipper Ultra Thin Blade

Titanium coating on ceramic shear blade and high carbon steel fixed blade. Hard and sharp, wear-resisting, long lifespan. Best for veterinarian surgeries. Blade size: 0.25mm
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Smart Dog Pet Grooming Mini Trimer Blade

With our new ceramic blade your PGT-410 trimmer will stay sharp longer.
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Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Blade Storage Box

  • BB-103 Blade Storage Box
  • Shernbao design
  • store up to 8 pcs of blades
  • PC material
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