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Shernbao Hurricane Dual Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

The perfect choice for the busy, professional salon. This two motor blaster provides amazing wind speeds and force to suit the wettest and heaviest coats! This blaster is suitable for all breeds, coat types and coat conditions. The power on this dryer is variable, meaning you can reduce for small or nervous dogs and increase for double coats and large breeds. Runs quieter than many force dryers at only 88dB. Comes complete with flexible hose, which can be removed and attached simply using the ‘one-click’ system. The filter is easy to clean and remove, making daily maintenance a breeze.
    • Two motor blaster with variable speeds and settings
    • Quieter than many force dryers – 88dB
    • Easy to clean filter
    • Flexible hose
    • ‘One click system’ removable hose.
    • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle.
    • Free Shipping(2-4 business days)
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Shernbao NEW Super Low-Low Electric Pet Grooming Table (FT-808S)


Get One Super Cyclone Dryer ($179 value) for FREE with the purchase of this table.

*Large Items over$ 1,800+ qualify for Free Shipping.

Shernbao NEW designed FT-808S  pet grooming table. This table lowers to an incredible 10″ and raises to 43.7″, making this table perfect for almost all breeds, especially larger or older pets. Supports weight of 265lbs. The non-slip black table top is removable for easy cleaning. Table top measures 50'' x 25.5''. Comes complete with stainless steel grooming arm.

  • Table top measures 50″ wide x 25.5″ deep
  • The lowest point of this table is 27cm (10"), making it one of the lowest in the world, providing easy step-on access for pet, including mature, large and infirm animals.
  •  Table can go as low as 10” making it one of the lowest in the industry. Provides easy step-on access for Mature, Large and Handicap pets.
  • World top class linear actuator provides smooth vibration free operation and long-term reliability.
  • Innovative X-style frame is stable, powerful and quiet.
  • Removable table top, easy to clean, enables you easy to change the color, better suiting your personal style and preference.
  • Outstanding loading capacity of 120kg (265lbs), strong enough for most breed.
  • Estimated  Shipping Time: 4-7 business days
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Shernbao Vertical Lifting Electric Dog Pet Grooming Table


Get One Super Cyclone Dryer ($179 value) for FREE with the purchase of this table

*Large Items over$ 1,800+ qualify for Free Shipping.

An innovative table created by Shernbao! The unique frame goes up and down vertically, meaning weight is distributed evenly regardless of height, making it super stable. Supports weight of 220lbs, suiting any dog in the salon! Raises from 56cm-106cm. The non-slip table top measures 120cm x 60cm. Attractive powder coated frame that will retain it's good looks for years!
  • Stable is the key, this super stable vertical lifting table prevents any wobbling and tipping.
  • Soft fully wrapping rubber top provides nice anti-slippery and comfortable experience for pets.
  • Double column electric lifting actuators are strong and long lasting.
  • Hand switch allows easy height adjustment, with 4 programable heights memory for ease of use.
  • High speed linear actuator system allows quick adjustment of height, achieving the most ergonomic point in a second.
  • Table top size 47" x 23.5"
  • Lifting from 22" to 41.5"
  • Including heavy duty stainless steel overhead frame
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Shernbao LED Dog Pet Grooming Table (FT-829)


PREORDER, ETA March 2022. Buy One Get One Hurricane Dual Motor Dryer ($319 value) with the purchase of this table.

*Large Items over$ 1,800+ qualify for Free Shipping.

This table is particularly suitable for training, grooming and lecture demonstration, hospitals vets and salons. Lifting mechanism is always evenly supported to prevent wobbling and shaking
  • LED Lighting Table Top
  • High-class LED chip ensures that its lifespan over 12,000 hours
  • LED light does not heat up after continuous use
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 52″x28″x10″~37.5″
  • Free Shipping(4-7 business days)
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KN95 5-Layer Protective Face Mask (Non-medical)

  • CONVENIENT RETAIL PACKAGING: 5 Masks are packaged in one zip locked bag for easy shelf display or personal/groomer access.
  • Disclaimer - This protective face masks IS included on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) List. The FDA sampled and CDC tested a limited number of face shields from this manufacturer and found that the filtration efficiency was above 95%.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our protective masks are made of high quality material offering you an efficient protection system. Our 5ply coverings provide you with the reliable support you deserve.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Our face masks are breathable and comfortable, with elastic ear loops for easy hanging. The adjustable nose wire offers a custom fit for your face, ensuring the shield will not slip off while wearing it.
  • ON THE GO: A lightweight and foldable design makes these face covers easy to fold into your pocket and reduce storage. 
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Shernbao Cyclone Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

An excellent force dryer as a back up in a busy salon, beginner groomers or pet owners. This small, single motor Force Dryer has variable speed, allowing you to groom a variety of different breeds. You will be amazed by the power from this force dryer, measuring 80 metres per second on top speed! Also features a heating element, to aid in volume and fluff drying. The easy clean filter is simple to remove, making daily maintenance fuss-free. Comes complete with flexible hose and different nozzles to suit different breeds. The hose is simple to remove with a 'one click' system - no awkward clips or screws. Available in two colors.
  • Single Motor with variable speeds Heating element to help volumise and fluff.
  • Easy clean filter.
  • Flexible hose with different nozzles 'One click system' removable hose.
  • Available in two colors - Pink and Blue.
  • Perfect for small dogs under 25 lb.
  • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle.
  • Free Shipping(2-4 business days)
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