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What Grooming Tips Could Make Your Dog Insta-Famous?

Technology has developed tremendously over the last few years. And with it, came many lifestyle changes people adopted. Technology made it possible to connect with anyone around the world in a matter of seconds, to share your opinions and ideas easily, and reach many diverse audiences with your posts.

Along with technology, social media was born. We all now have accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. As the years pass, new social media platforms are developed and they answer the needs of a certain group of people. But while many people thought that social media is something just for humans, many pet owners proved the contrary.

Now you can follow on social media accounts of dogs and cats. Of course, they are administered by pet owners, but the center of attention is the animal. The population of dogs around the world is thought to be somewhere around 900 million. However, in the US, there are over 75 million dogs that live in a household, meaning that they are not abandoned or at a shelter.

If you have a dog you want to make famous on social media, then you should know a few grooming tips that could help you do this. On top of these, we will also share a few tricks about how to manage your dog’s social media account to increase its reach.

Grooming is a topic of interest for many pet owners, especially if you are among those who want to make their pets famous on Instagram. This seems to be the most efficient social media platform, but also one that helps you reach a wide audience and also get engagement from fans and followers. Here are some of the most helpful grooming tips that could make your dog insta-famous. On top of these, we have added a few tips on Instagram account management.

Colorful Looks

To build the audience on your dog’s Instagram profile, you need to show what it’s unique about him. Besides his daily activities, you can aim to create an impressive look for your dog. Many dog accounts on social media show dogs in different moments. For example, some dogs are naturally smiling and showing their teeth, so many pet owners dress them up and take photos. These photos are always funny, as all dogs look happy and relaxed.

Keep in mind that whatever choice you will make regarding your dog’s look, you have to avoid making choices that may harm him. Colorful looks are on the rise and many pet owners decide to give their dogs a different appearance.

Thanks to all technological advancements, there are dog hair dye options that have a colorful pigment in them and help you transform your dog’s fur. You can choose from a wide variety of choices, but make sure first that the product is the right one for your dog. Among the best brands you can choose from are DYEX, O Paws, and Crazy Liberty. You can also find colorful markers that do not contain any toxic ingredients, produced by Espree Bark Art.

Calm Dogs

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to keep your dog calm. His perspective on grooming should be a pleasant one, as this will help you take photos easily and share funny moments on his social media account. If you want to build a grooming account and want to share videos of how you groom your dog, then it is important to help him get used to these moments.

It is therefore essential to make sure your dog is calm and also safe. Sometimes dogs might be very nervous during grooming and this can be harmful to them, says an essay help by Assignment Masters.

Make sure the surface is not slippery and that you eliminate all distractions. These will only make your dog more nervous, and for him to get used to the grooming process, you need to have patience and make the activity a pleasant one. A perfect look will make your dog insta-famous and showing the making-of will create a genuine interaction with the followers. On top of this, there surely are funny moments that happen behind the camera, and showing also this part of your dog’s personality will get you more engagement.

Make sure you have the tools necessary for grooming your dog.

Photography Session

Instagram emphasizes photos and videos, not necessarily on the text. When it comes to long text, Facebook is usually used for that. Many pet owners are trying to capture the best moments spent with their pets. Dogs are very outgoing, so they can be photographed in a wide variety of places and moments. Photographing dogs outdoors might be more facile than photographing cats, for example. But it depends on your attitude as a pet owner and how you have trained the dog or cat to react to new environments.

Because dogs are usually more playful, you can get a bunch of good photos with your dog you can later use when you will need a photo. Even though most Instagram dog accounts show them in diverse environments, which may make you believe that they are always traveling, this is not exactly accurate.

It is a common practice to take as many photos as you can with your dog when you go on a trip, hiking, or just lounging at home. There will be moments when you will not be in the mood for taking photos, but you need to be consistent. So, using a photo from the past is always a great method to be consistent on social media even when you may not feel like it.

There are a few tips and tricks that could help you take the best photos of your dog, no matter the environment. To capture the attention of your dog and have him looking straight into the camera, you can use lousy toys or treats. It is also efficient to talk with your dog and ask questions that usually catch his attention. Among these are “Do you want a treat?” or “Do you want to go outdoors?”. Of course, you are the one who knows the personality of your dog and what gets him excited. You can also use your friends to catch the attention of your dog or to squeeze the toy.

It is important to note that you need the patience to get the best photos, highlight a dog owner, or write your story to the best writing services or to thesis help. Help your dog enjoy the photography session, so he will get used to it. And over time, your dog will be more accustomed to this and more focused.

Instagram Account Management

Many pet owners think that it is enough to take photos with their dogs in different moments and positions. Yes, photos that show the funny part of your dog’s personality could be the most effective and help you gain more followers. But some tips and tricks will help you establish your presence on Instagram and make your dog famous.

Be Consistent

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to be consistent. No one wants to follow a dog account that posts a photo every two weeks or so. If you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to post frequently and consistently. There will be moments when your followers’ number will remain constant and you might experience a drop in enthusiasm.

Do not let these conquer you and create a schedule for posts. If you sign up for a business account, you can also have access to statistics on your posts and followers’ activity, so that you can schedule your Instagram activity to reach more people. These statistics are available to you if you have at least 100 followers.


Instagram is full of pet accounts that have millions of followers. You can follow them to see how they interact with their audience, when they post, how they write them, by their own or with the help of the assignment help online, what they write in captions, what videos they add, and so on. At the same time, socializing with them is essential and it represents a technique that could help you grow your dog’s insta profile and make him famous. Commenting on the photos of other dogs will give you access to all their followers, and you will also gain some more from there.


Making your dog insta-famous can seem like a challenge, but not one that cannot be overcome. At the same time, it is neither as easy as it seems. If you want to also show the grooming sessions of your dog, make sure you have the tools necessary, that the surface is not slippery and that there are not any distractions.

It is equally important to keep your dog calm and teach him that this activity can be pleasant. Make sure you use squeezing toys or treats to caption his attention during photography sessions. Be consistent and show your dog’s personality on Instagram. This will help you grow your dog’s profile and make him famous.

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