Startup SUCCESS for Small Business Saturday 

Welcome to The Dog Den

A Success Story for Small Business Saturday

Owner Harmarie Lebron was recently featured in her local newspaper to celebrate the launch of her grooming salon – The Dog Den. Way to go! When she dreamed of creating a human-grade dog spa, Harmarie turned to Shernbao USA.

Our team was happy to help her choose the right equipment and get everything delivered on time for the grand opening. Take a look around:

Creating the Right Style

Harmarie says,

“I love that Shernbao USA products are modern and have a high-end ‘salon’ vibe.

My idea of ‘human grade’ grooming is really what every company in the industry strives for: luxury, cleanliness, and functionality. Groomers are changing the way we present ourselves to pet clients, and we want to uplift grooming from the traditional grunt-style job to something a little more sophisticated.”

Charging What You’re Worth

Harmarie’s advice,

‘Human grade’ not only covers the back-end grooming services, but also front-end customer experiences. We are determined to charge what we’re worth – how? Shernbao USA helps us deliver enriched grooming experiences with high-end presentation.”

Choosing the Right Table

Harmarie says, 

“I was mostly excited to try out the FT-808 grooming table because I needed something stable enough for large dogs and durable enough for everyday grooming.

I absolutely cringed at the idea of a full overhead grooming arm, but if anyone is pumping the breaks, let me reassure you… it was absolutely the best decision ever! I added a grooming loop extender, so I never ever, ever, EVER have to adjust the bars. There are 30+ spots to change the loop location, and it’s way better for stability.

Plus, I wanted it to be easy on the eyes for non-groomers. And as a first-time business owner, Shernbao USA’s pricing on the FT-808 was right for my budget!”

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