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Shernbao Hurricane Dual Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

$298.00 $278.00

Buy One Get One 5-Star Pet Grooming Shear For Free($89 Value) 

The perfect choice for the busy, professional salon. This two motor blaster provides amazing wind speeds and force to suit the wettest and heaviest coats! This blaster is suitable for all breeds, coat types and coat conditions. The power on this dryer is variable, meaning you can reduce for small or nervous dogs and increase for double coats and large breeds. Runs quieter than many force dryers at only 88dB. Comes complete with flexible hose, which can be removed and attached simply using the ‘one-click’ system. The filter is easy to clean and remove, making daily maintenance a breeze.
    • Two motor blaster with variable speeds and settings
    • Quieter than many force dryers – 88dB
    • Easy to clean filter
    • Flexible hose
    • ‘One click system’ removable hose.
    • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle.
    • Free Shipping(2-4 business days)
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Shernbao Cyclone Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

$153.00 $99.00
An excellent force dryer as a back up in a busy salon, beginner groomers or pet owners. This small, single motor Force Dryer has variable speed, allowing you to groom a variety of different breeds. You will be amazed by the power from this force dryer, measuring 80 metres per second on top speed! Also features a heating element, to aid in volume and fluff drying. The easy clean filter is simple to remove, making daily maintenance fuss-free. Comes complete with flexible hose and different nozzles to suit different breeds. The hose is simple to remove with a 'one click' system - no awkward clips or screws. Available in two colors.
  • Single Motor with variable speeds Heating element to help volumise and fluff.
  • Easy clean filter.
  • Flexible hose with different nozzles 'One click system' removable hose.
  • Available in two colors - Pink and Blue.
  • Perfect for small dogs under 25 lb.
  • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle.
  • Free Shipping(2-4 business days)
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Shernbao Typhoon Dual Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer & Stand Kit

$420.00 $378.00

Pre-Order Available! Get 10% Off.(Guaranteed to be shipped by May 15th)

  • Unbeatable powerful air volume and blow force, while being amazingly quiet. 
  • Perfect industrial design, with elegant workmanship 
  • Original plastic color or elegant polished surface in luxury stoving varnish can be chosen. 
  • An average of over 600 hours of use standard 3 nozzle attachments and “1 click” turn to attach hoses. 
  • It is ideal for all seasons, especially colder climates. 
  • Free Shipping(2-4 business days)
  • Features adjustable height and extremely stable stand
  • Movable and flexible collaboration with easy installation
  • Free your hands to focus on creative grooming and styling; improve your work efficiently
  • Convenient design for easy and quick connection
  • Adjustable height and vertical rotation; 360-degree nozzle adjustment positions air precisely
  • Heavy-duty, hair-proof casters move easily; with brakes, the casters stop steadily
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DHD-2400F Typhoon Dual Motor Dryer & Wall Mount Kit

$352.00 $316.00
  • Unbeatable powerful air volume and blow force, while being amazingly quiet. 
  • Perfect industrial design, with elegant workmanship 
  • Original plastic color or elegant polished surface in luxury stoving varnish can be chosen. 
  • An average of over 600 hours of use standard 3 nozzle attachments and “1 click” turn to attach hoses. 
  • It is ideal for all seasons, especially colder climates. 
Wall Mount:
  • Elaborate industrial design, convenient installation
  • Resists rust, deformation and instability
  • Save more space at your grooming store
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Shernbao NEW Super Low-Low Electric Pet Grooming Table Plus Version(FT-808S)

$1,060.00 $999.00

Pre-Order Available! Buy One Get A Free Hurricane Dual Motor Dryer ($298 value) with the purchase of this table.(Guaranteed to be shipped by May 15th)

Shernbao NEW designed FT-808S  pet grooming table. This table lowers to an incredible 10″ and raises to 43.7″, making this table perfect for almost all breeds, especially larger or older pets. Supports weight of 265lbs. The non-slip black table top is removable for easy cleaning. Table top measures 128cm x 65cm. Comes complete with stainless steel grooming arm. This ‘Upgraded’ version comes with a storage drawer, USB and electrical outlet and hooks.
  • Table top measures 50″ wide x 25.5″ deep
  • The lowest point of this table is 27cm (10"), making it one of the lowest in the world, providing easy step-on access for pet, including mature, large and infirm animals.
  •  Table can go as low as 10” making it one of the lowest in the industry. Provides easy step-on access for Mature, Large and Handicap pets.
  • World top class linear actuator provides smooth vibration free operation and long-term reliability.
  • Innovative X-style frame is stable, powerful and quiet.
  • Removable table top, easy to clean, enables you easy to change the color, better suiting your personal style and preference.
  • Outstanding loading capacity of 120kg (265lbs), strong enough for most breed.
  • The optional stainless steel full overhead grooming system adds versatility adjustable Grooming Loop.(The table comes with overhead arm and a loop)
  • Free Shipping(4-7 business days)
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Shernbao CoolEdge Smart Dog Pet Grooming Clipper Kit (4F, 5F, 7F blade included)

$280.00 $230.00
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Shernbao Cord/Cordless Smart Dog Pet Grooming Clipper Bundle (4F, 5F, 7F blade included)

$146.00 $130.00
The Shernbao PGC-560 Smart Digital Clipper is perfect for heavy trimming and full body grooms on small and medium sized pets. The battery offers a three hour run time and a two hour recharge time from empty. The clipper comes with a ceramic 4-1in-1 adjustable blade which adjusts in length from No.10 - No.40. The motor features Shernbao's patented blade cooling system to allow the blades to run cooler for longer. Comes complete with four attachment combs in sizes 1/8" - 1/2". One speed. The lights on the front indiacate the charge level. Ultra light in weight: 400g. This clipper is compatible with all LightEdge detachable blades.
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Shernbao Air Lifting Rectangle Dog Pet Grooming Table

$340.00 $306.00
A great little table for start-up groomers or as an extra station in a busy salon. This 'air lift' table uses an air pump to raise and lower, instead of the traditional heavy hydraulic pumps. No matter your height or the breed you are grooming, you will find this table very comfortable to work at. Lowers to 72cm and raises to 110cm. Powder-coated iron frame, which will retain it's good looks for years! The non-slip table top measures 60cmx 45xm and comes in different colors. Max weight supported 50kg, making this suitable for small-medium breeds, cats and other small pets only.
  •  Smart frame design with powder coated iron makes it scratch-resistant, stable and rust-proof.
  • You would be able to find a comfortable height no matter how tall you or your dogs are.
  •  Equipped with a set of aluminum clamp and stainless steel multi-functional grooming arm.
  •  Pink, blue, black table tops are available.
  •  Maximum loading capacity: 50kg.
  •  Best for pet salons and pet grooming schools.
  •    pink  and Black /  Height  28"-43"/Wide 17.7"x Long 23.5"
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Shernbao Rectangle Air Lifting Dog Pet Grooming Table With Frame

$388.00 $349.00
FT-819 Air-lifting Square Grooming Table An excellent table for start-up groomers or as an extra table in a busy salon, these 'air lift' tables use a special 'air' pump, not the traditional heavy hydraulic pumps to raise and lower. The table top measures 80cm x 53cm, making it suitable for small and medium sized breeds only. Raises from 72cm - 110cm. The grooming arm is integrated into the table for added stability. Features three adjustable hooks for handy access to tools. The non-slip table top can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Air-lifting grooming table with "one-button start".• Height can be freely adjusted with foot pedal.
  • 17.7" wide 23.5" long 28"-43" high.
  • Supports 100lbs.
  • Removable top and powder coated steel base.
  •  Newly redesigned and improved grooming arm holder is fully integrated into the table frame and is reinforced with solid steel.
  •  Internal steel threads ensure a secure fit.
  •  3 adjustable hooks to hold your clippers and more.
  •  Suitable for small and medium size dogs.
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Shernbao Pet Dog Grooming Table With Casters

$295.00 $265.00
  • Perfect for shows, travel and overflow grooming.
  • 100% pine fiber MDF board with non-skid rubber mat make the tabletop one of the best in the Industry
  • Reinforced fixed brackets under the top board ensure extraordinary strength and stability
  • Strong stainless-steel legs made for long durability. Folds in a few seconds and becomes a cage dolly
  • Smartly designed pulling bar doubles as a grooming arm
  • Four 4sturdy built-in casters ensure reliable, easy-rolling transportation, two front wheels rotate for maneuverability while the two rear wheels remain stationary
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Dog Pet Grooming Folding Table 47*24″x27″

$188.00 $170.00
Non-slip rubber matte surface, scrape resistant and easy to clean. ·Our specially designed pyramidal surface pattern is smoothing and helps reduce visual fatigue during long hours working. ·Static-free rubber mat makes this tabletop easy to clean and remove hair and debris. ·High Density MDF board. ·Pliable PVC edging resists scratches and mars. ·Stainless steel tubular steel legs. ·Feat
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Shernbao Folding Dog Pet Grooming Table for Competition

$115.00 $99.00
  • Wooden top with static proof rubber mat,
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Simple folding method, light weight, easy to pack.
  • Several tabletop colors to choose,
  • Black, Blue and PINK.
  • Available in Black, Blue and Pink
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Pet Grooming Made Easy with Shernbao

Your pet is a beloved part of your family and deserves every bit of care and attention. Grooming plays a quintessential role in their overall wellbeing. With Shernbao, equip yourself with all the rights tools and accessories to make pet grooming a breeze for yourself and your beloved pet.

No matter if you’re a pet parent or run a professional grooming facility, we offer an extensive range of professional-grade products for all the grooming needs of your pet. From Grooming Shears, Clippers & Blades, Bathing Tubs, Grooming Tables to Pet Dryers, and Grooming Tools, Shernbao is your one-stop solution for all your pet grooming needs.

Why is Regular Grooming Necessary for Your Pet?

As a responsible pet parent, you might know that regular grooming is essential. But what a lot of parents don’t know is that grooming goes way beyond the appearance of their pets.

Clean pets are happy pets. Clean fur, healthy skin, clean teeth, clipped nails, and no hair in the eyes make your pet comfortable and well-behaved. But if grooming is neglected for long, it could result in severe consequences, ranging from skin disorders, matting, infections, heat stress, ticks, fleas, dental diseases, and a lot more.

Apart from causing pain and discomfort, these problems can also impact the mental well-being of your pet. Regular grooming, apart from making your pet look pretty, is also vital for physical and mental health.

Shernbao for All Your Pet Grooming Needs

Fortunately, gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of time or money to search and purchase quality grooming products. With Shernbao, you can now buy quality grooming tools and accessories from the comforts of your home.

As one of the most reputed professional pet grooming equipment and supplies manufacturers, we are committed to quality and affordability. We believe that quality grooming products should not cost a bomb. At Shernbao, we are all pet lovers and understand the needs of pet parents and professional grooming facilities.

Quality You Can Trust

Each of our products is designed with care to ensure that it delivers satisfactory results for years to come. We’re also committed to providing world-class customer support to ensure that you get all the help you need with regard to our products.

Browse through our extensive range of pet grooming products and get them delivered to your home or grooming facility most efficiently and conveniently.

Join the Shernbao family, and we can work together towards enhancing the overall wellbeing of your pet companions.